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Finally - something to hold all my rings

Product: Lila

I used to keep my rings all in separate ring boxes.  As you may imagine it became quite frustrating to find the one particular ring that you were thinking of wearing.  I love this!  All of them in one spot! plus necklaces have their own separate compatement so they don't get tangled up together, earrings have their own little home too.  Planning on getting one for my mom for Christmas.  This is the one thing mom doesn't have and I'm so happy with mine I'm sure she'll love hers too!


By MeleCo on
We're so happy to hear you are enjoying the Lila jewelry box! This style organizes all types of jewelry and it sounds like you are putting it to good use. Available in classic black and white finishes, we hope your mom will enjoy this jewelry box as much as you do. We also have similar styles in similar finishes, if you ever need to add to your Mele collection. Thank you for sharing your jewelry box story with us. Happy Holidays to you and your family!