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Because You Know It's All About that Break, 'Bout that Break, Spring Break

By MeleCo, 03/12/2015 - 4:06pm
Travel in Style. Organize in Style.

Yes, you’re reading it correctly. I did edit Meghan Trainor’s chart topping tune title, “All About That Bass,” as this month’s blog post title, but I’m just so ecstatic. I think I speak for everyone when I shout enthusiastically out loud, “spring is almost here!” But who’s counting, right? This winter has felt long and never-ending, but finally watching the snow slowly melt away and hearing the birds begin to chirp excitedly outside my window is an energizing feeling. In order to make it through the last few days of the winter season, many travel to warmer, more exhilarating destinations, celebrating Spring Break.

And if you’re like me, packing many different types of outfits is a must, including pieces fit for a night out on the town or a romantic walk along the beach. No matter what clothes you’ve bringing along, earrings, necklaces, rings, and watches often complete the perfect look to any outfit. Although this is true, I find it challenging to travel with my jewelry and accessories. On a normal outing, I throw all of my accessories into a bag just to discover a compiled, large jumbled mess upon arrival. So, what’s the solution? Mele & Co. has designed multiple jewelry organizers, with the complexity of traveling in mind.

Meet Maria: The 24-Section Jewelry Box

One of our most popular styles for travel, the Maria, is made with a plush fabric material for both its exterior and interior. Choose from a selection of exterior colors including, red, pink, blue, and black. This jewelry organizer’s interior, which boasts twenty-four equally sized sections, is lined in an ivory colored suede fabric, making it easy to locate every small piece of jewelry placed inside. Customize your needs with this jewelry box and remove selected dividers to make interior sections the perfect size for you. An interior mirror and pocket, made to hold any extra accessories for easy access, is found under the Maria’s lid. A stylish tabbed closure with a pewter color snap completes this travel companion. Conveniently use this polished jewelry box at home and on-the-go, whichever you fancy. The Maria fits inside large handbags and any piece of luggage. This jewelry organizer makes sure you’re prepared no matter what your plans. Similar styles include: Celia, Elaine, and Janey. Searching for a comparable style, but in a larger size? Check out Remy and Easton.

Meet Giana: The Compact and Comfy Jewelry Box

Yet another popular Mele & Co. travel style is the Giana. With the same exterior and interior color options and finishes as the Maria jewelry box, the Giana is smaller and more compact, offering a distinct interior layout. A lift out tray complete with four equally sized open sections along both sides of a centered ring roll area makes it simple to organize your jewels for your upcoming excursion. Under the lift out tray, find three equally sized open sections, for small necklaces, bracelets or for discretely stowing away some extra spending money. An interior mirror and similar closure as the Maria perfects this jewelry organizer. Take this efficient accessory box from handbag to luggage and you’ll find it useful no matter where you’re going. Similar styles include: Rio, Juniper, and Cate.

Meet Dana: The Chic Zip-AroundJewelry Organizer

One of my personal favorites for an expedition is the Dana jewelry box. Classic, concentrated, and available in a timeless black or white faux leather finish, this square-shaped travel escort will quickly to prove to be your perfect match. Inside the ivory sueded fabric lined box, find a mirror hinged divider with pull tab. On one side of the divider, four equally divided sections and ring rolls are found. You may use these areas to store smaller necklaces, rings, and earrings or whatever is needed on your journey. The other side contains a removable drawstring pouch attached by velcro. Place a watch or large earrings and rings inside this compartment. Or place what you need inside, remove the pouch, and throw it in your handbag for on-the-go trekking. One of the best parts of this jewelry organizer is the zip around closure, ensuring you won’t lose or misplace any jewels. It’s a great feeling when you know where everything is and this organizer will keep it all together for you. See likeable styles to the Dana, offered in bright lively colors and trendy metallic finishes: Cagney, Josette, and Luna.

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Shop and learn more about our jewelry organizers fit for traveling alongside you on your springtime expedition. Also, check out our Sizzling Spring Break with Mele & Co. Pinterest page and be ready for wherever life takes you this spring.

Happy spring!

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