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This Valentine’s Day: Think Outside of the Chocolate Box

By MeleCo, 02/12/2015 - 10:59am
There's More to Love this Valentine’s Day: Think Outside of the Chocolate Box

Valentine’s Day was originally associated with flowers, chocolates, and greeting cards back in 18th-century England, where the holiday was first recognized. Today, we continue to send lovey-dovey cards, bright red roses, and delicious candy, but what has changed? Thinking outside of the chocolate box. Move over chocolate boxes and let something else have some fun! Loved ones all over the world are now buying and sending more meaningful, thoughtful gifts, like a compact and cozy jewelry box, just in time for your mom’s upcoming family vacation, or a twirling ballerina jewelry box for your little granddaughter’s first pair of clip-on earrings.

The Love of Gift-Giving

On gift-giving holidays, like Valentine’s Day, we could all use a little help as we search for the perfect gift for that special someone. Whether we’re searching for mom, dad, brother or sister, grandmother or grandfather, daughter or son, husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, it still remains challenging to find the best gift to give on such a loveable holiday.

We want our Valentine’s Day gift to say thank you and that we love you and appreciate you for being you, all hard to say with one gift or even two or three. Is a nice upscale dinner enough? Or maybe a simple but romantic dinner for two at home on a cold, wintry night is just right? Whatever the case we think a lot about giving the so called “perfect” Valentine’s Day gift and wish it to be spot-on.

From Chocolate Box to Jewelry Box

This is where we, at Mele, want to help you find the greatest gift you can give this Valentine’s Day! Check out our Valentine’s Day gift ideas to give a stylish, sentimental gift that will last a lifetime. Jewelry boxes and watch boxes not only hold our material possessions, but also hold all of the breathtaking memories we’ve experienced. A jewelry box holds the memories from when we cheerfully walked across the stage to receive a diploma, to the day we eagerly said “I Do,” testimonials not every gift can express.

Just for you, we’ve narrowed our Valentine’s Day gift list down for the extraordinary woman, man, or little girl that you’re shopping for this holiday. Take a look at our gift inspirations for each recipient below.

For Women

Does she love wearing all types of jewelry? Then our stylish traditional and modern wood jewelry boxes may be the perfect gift for her. Is she always on the go, jetting off to somewhere chic? Take a look at our faux leather jewelry, watch, and accessory organizers, made as travel companions or stay at home pals. If you’re searching for a larger style to store all of her beloved jewelry, accessories, and even more, take a look at our exclusive upscale jewelry armoires. Yes, they’re big, but what woman couldn’t use one of these to keep everything all in one place?

For Men

Know a man that can’t part with his smartphone or tablet, and also has a few watches up his sleeve? Our sophisticated and modern charging stations will help him stay current and tell time in the most tasteful way. Speaking of telling time and accessorizing, if he’s a watch collector, then you’ve come to the right place. Shop men’s watch boxes in numerous styles and colors. Some watch boxes hold up to five watches and others hold up to fifteen. Depending on the guy you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re searching for a man that has a little bit of everything, watches, loose change, smartphone, and other accessories, our men’s valets, available in wood or faux leather, will make the perfect fit. Select styles are covered with glass and have locks, while others have more of an open, laid-back vibe.

For Girl’s

Does your little one love twirling like a ballerina and playing dress-up? We have an assortment of enchanting musical ballerina jewelry boxes designed just for her. Sit front row as you give the little girl in your life a special gift she is sure to treasure and play with for years.

Not everyone is looking to spend a small fortune for a Valentine’s Day gift. If you’re looking to spend under $100, shop this area of our website to help guide yourself to the perfect gift for this Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

About Elizabeth Mele
Elizabeth is the Marketing Manager for Mele & Co. and great-granddaughter of Mele founder Emidio Mele.