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A Ballerinas first Jewelry Box

Product: Angel

My 5 yr old daughter received a ballerina jewelry box gift from her grandmother. The amount of joy and excitement it has brought her is indescribable. She has been dancing/ performing tap & ballet since she was 2 yrs old. She was delighted to see a ballerina that keeps jewelry safe. The music is her favorite. She winds it up before bedtime, she winds it before getting up every morning. She wakes up cheerful.


By MeleCo on
Thank you for telling us about your daughter's jewelry box story! It seems she really loves dancing and the Angel musical jewelry box with twirling ballerina is the perfect match for her. We are happy to hear she likes it so much and loves listening to the music each day. We wish her the best with dancing and hope she treasures her jewelry box for many years to come!