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A Magical Wedding Weekend

Product: Giana

I had a destination wedding in Orlando, FL this past September 2015. We were having 2 weddings ceremonies, one in Catholic Church and one in Walt Disney World and multiple events (2 rehearsals, rehearsal dinner, spa retreat, reception, welcome night party...) before and after the weddings ceremonies so we called it Our Wedding Weekend. Of course I had to have multiple outfits and jewelry sets to match, and because we were traveling I needed a nice jewelry box that would not only fit all of my wedding jewelry but would also protect it during travel. I was delighted when I found the Giana Fabric Jewelry Box for many reasons, it is a nice teal blue which was my exact wedding color, it is a soft suede on the outside and fully lined on the inside perfect for my delicate jewelry, it has plenty of storage with a two level design, it has a mirror, and it is just beautiful... not to mention I have always loved the name Giana for my future daughter. This awesome jelwery box was able to hold 6 sets of jewelry for each of my events and still had more room to fit extra earrings, rings, necklace and bracelets as additional options. I love this jewelry box, and it made for incredible wedding jewelry pictures for my wedding album. It is not only functional and beautiful but forever will have incredible sentimental value to me.


By MeleCo on
Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us! Your wedding sounded like the perfect weekend and we are honored to have been a small part of it, through the Giana jewelry box. We have many travel jewelry boxes and are delighted you found the ideal fit for your special day. Best wishes and happy organizing!