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I'm writing to thank you for such a beautiful jewelry box. My mom recently passed away and ohhhh she loved her jewelry. I searched for a couple months until I found just the right jewelry box to store mom's items. The size is perfect. I like the compartment for her rings. I like the side doors for her necklaces and I really like the empty compartments where I can put some other keepsakes (that aren't even jewelry related). Thank you again for such a beautiful and functional jewelry box.Most Sincerely,A Daughter Missing Her Mom 


By MeleCo on
Thank you for telling us your jewelry box story. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your Mom. Even though I do not know you well, you are very strong for posting this story and I hope that sharing your jewelry box story helped, even a little bit, with the grieving process. Wishing you all the best.