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Tears turned to smiles

Product: Hayley

My daughter was gifted the "Hayley" jewelery box for her 4th birthday. As expected, she loved it and jumped up and down and uses it for all of her very important jewelry. There is a small connector piece that automatically opens and closes the drawer when you open or close the lid. This piece broke. After many tears, I emailed the company to ask about a replacement piece. Within a day, I received my response. They are not sending a replacement piece, they are instead sending a whole new box! It should ship today. My daughter was so concerned and upset that she did something wrong and wouldn't be able to use her precious jewelery box. Now she will be thrilled! This company was great to work with and truly stands behind their product!


By MeleCo on
We are happy to help and glad your daughter's tears will now be smiles! Our goal is to make all of our customers happy and we only hope to do that for every customer. We hope she enjoys her brand new jewelry box for many years to come, collecting all of her precious, beautiful jewelry inside.