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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Please browse the FAQs below. We tried to think of all the questions you might have, but if we missed something please call us at (800) 635.6353 (option 1) or email us at

Our Customer Service hours are Monday – Friday, 7:30 am – 5:00 pm EST.


Who is Mele & Co.?

Mele & Co. is the premier provider of luxurious and affordable jewelry and watch boxes in America. We pride ourselves in supplying quality product lines ranging from jewelry and watch boxes to valets, travel organizers, charging stations and armoires in a full range of contemporary and traditional styles. Whether it be a jewelry storage item for Home, Travel or a Gift, we offer a variety of styles at moderate price points for all ages and needs.

Our products are sold domestically and internationally and are found in major department stores, independent gift and jewelry retailers, as well as national and independent web marketplaces.

Because of our longevity in the industry, broad assortment and exceptional value, Mele & Co. has grown to become known as “America’s Jewelry Box”. At Mele & Co. we strive to offer jewelry storage that will connect people for a lifetime. Our vision is to be the most loved name in jewelry boxes. If you’re interested in reading more about who we are and our story, please visit Our Story page.

What types of products does Mele & Co. sell?

We sell jewelry boxes, watch boxes, charging stations, valets, and armoires for women, men, and children. We hope you enjoy our array of products, offered at the most economical price. If you have a product idea, feel free to send it our way. Who knows? Your idea may make it into our assortment. We are always looking for ways to improve, and listening to our customers is the best way we can think of to better ourselves.

What is the ‘My Story’ section on your site about?

We’re happy you noticed! We exist to keep you feeling organized and want to ensure your satisfaction with the self-purchase or gift you received. We also realize that each person has a unique experience with their Mele & Co. item. This unique focus on the personal connection with our product helps reinforce our commitment to customer service and our goal of creating a meaningful experience based around our product.

‘My Story’ is a place where you can tell us about your experience giving or receiving an item that makes you feel organized and happy. Of course we’d prefer your story be about one of our products, but even if it’s not we’d love to hear it! This section allows you to share your experience with your favorite jewelry box, watch box, valet, charging station, armoire and more. It may be a nostalgic story, a new story about a gift you gave, a gift you received, or about a jewelry box you bought for yourself. Share your story with us and help us bring the feeling of organization and happiness to all who read!

Can I send you pictures with My Story?

Please do! Pictures of the item, photo from the event or a picture of you is perfect to add when you share your story. You’ll find an upload button to add your images to your story on the My Story page.

Will you be posting my story and images on your site?

Yes. If you fill out the form for My Story page and upload image(s) we will post your story on our website. We may have to edit for length, but by filling out the form you are giving us permission to post your pictures and comments. We appreciate your stories in advance and look forward to reading them all.

Will you put my full name with my story?

No. We will share stories by first name or initials only. We may sometimes include your state, but be assured we value your privacy, so we will never use your full name.


Where are your products made?

Our products are developed in New York State and at our corporate office in Canada. Our team in our overseas office works with our preapproved suppliers to manufacture our Mele & Co. jewelry boxes, watch boxes, charging stations, valets, and armoires. Our entire team works hard to accomplish our goal to ensure our products help keep our customers organized and happy.

What is the best way to clean and care for my new Mele & Co.?

The best way to care for your new Mele & Co. is with a lot of love. On a more serious note, keeping your Mele & Co. in a clean, temperature controlled room will keep it looking good as new. Cleaning your new Mele & Co. is simple! Once you’ve set it up in the best spot, wipe clean with a soft dry cloth. Even the mirrors and see-through tops are best cleaned this way. If a stain appears on one of the interior materials, carefully try to remove it by using a slightly damp cloth with a bit of sensitive dish soap. Lightly blot unclean areas to lift dirt. Let the area dry fully afterwards before placing items on the damp area. It is always best to store your Mele & Co. in a room that is not damp.

I know there are a lot of testing requirements on consumer goods now, do you comply?

We do! We adhere to all federally mandated U.S. quality assurance and consumer safety guidelines. At times, we even test to higher standards than required.

What are your jewelry boxes made from?

Love and joy! In all seriousness, and although we do put a lot of love and joy into our products, we also use other materials. Our wood items are composite wood, allowing them to be affordable for our customers. Our children’s boxes, depending on the item, are composite wood, plastic and/or wrapped hard board. Our travel & fashion jewelry and watch organizers are either vegan leather or fabric wrapped hard board. Additional information may be found on an item’s specific product page under product details.

What songs do your musical jewelry boxes play?

Each jewelry box with music has the song indicated on its product page. Our music selections sometimes change but our current tunes are ‘Magic Flute,’ ‘Beautiful Dreamer,’ ‘Swan Lake,’ ‘Waltz of the Flowers,’ ‘You Are My Sunshine,’ ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy,’ and ‘Fur Elise.’

The music winders are found on the back of the jewelry box. Please do not over-wind them – as that can cause breakage.

Before purchasing a musical jewelry box, can I hear the song played?

Yes! To help you pick one with a song you like, we include a short clip of each song on the product page for each musical item. Just click it and listen. Feel free to sing along too – we do! If you send us a music clip of you singing, we might even post it on our Facebook page!

We hope our FAQ section answered all your questions, but if it didn’t.....just let us know!